March 28, 2013

Taking A Break

As I've said before, I live (LIVE!) for social interactions.  I thrive on being around other people. It makes me joyful to come home after spending time with family and friends.  Waitressing was my one of my favorite jobs ever because I got to talk to people

One of the best inventions in my life has been the book of Face.  I've found old friends, made new ones, and actually come across some of my family overseas I never knew existed.  We've had a glorious run, but I believe our time has come to an end.  Why?  So glad you asked.

I'm glad you love your brother/sister/mother/father/cousin/dog/cat/and sister/brother-I-never-had.  Sincerely.  I don't need some picture of a sparkly candle with "I love my 'insert relation here'" to show me that.  Furthermore, it's always some kind of day.  National Colon Day.  National Love Your Weiner Dog Day.  National Whatev Day.  THERE IS ALWAYS SOME KIND OF DAY.  And I feel like a shit if I don't repost some support for someone who lost their snuggie on National I Heart Snuggie Day.

I generally know my friends' political views.  I don't need a running commentary on why you love/loathe any other point of view.  I know you think you're right.  I know you have documentation either of biblical or constitutional sorts to back up what you think in either direction.  I know what I believe, but I'm willing to listen to others.  Want to know why?  BECAUSE I MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING!!!  There are two devices attached to our skulls and they are intended to communicate information to that pea-brain we have.  Putting others down, insulting others' intelligence, and just in general being a dick is not nice. 

We have become such a cynical, doubting people.  Case in point:  Manager of an Olive Garden makes a kind gesture toward a family who had suffered a house fire.  He comped their meal.  This should be seen as a kind gesture; however, critics laid out a conspiracy theory detailing why this was a marketing ploy by OG.  Really, people?  We've become so jaded and distrusting we can't even believe in kindness anymore?  Sweet Jesus.

Life is hard, and shit like this weighs heavy on me.  It disappoints me.  It pisses me off.  It makes me want to crawl into a cave and stay there where mean, cynical, unhappy people won't shit on my joy.  I can't do that, though, so I'll do the next best thing:  I'm filing separation papers from the facebook.  I'm not ready to divorce just yet, but for now we need some space.