July 18, 2010

Really? Is this my gene pool? Dammit!

In my head I am a friggin' genius, but my DNA might say otherwise. Although my parents are quite adept at buying technology, installing it is quite another story. This is why I was over at their house for two hours helping with various "things" on the computer.

As a gift, my father bought my mom a printer that is so beyond what they need. She prints pictures of decorating ideas. He never prints shit. What does he buy? A wireless printer/copier/fax machine that is something akin to a DeLorean. As I'm hooking it up, my mom comes into the room and looks at it very carefully. Very, very carefully. She says nothing for a moment. Then (wait for it.....) she says,

"If it's wireless, why do you have to plug it into the wall?"

Um, because it's wireless, not solar.

That is why I can't be the genius I was meant to be: My genetics won't allow it.

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