May 27, 2011

Something's Amiss, I Say!

My neighbors are international, drug-smuggling, arms-dealing terrorists.  Or possibly meth-makin', oxy-snortin' drug addicts.  At the very least, they are strange.

The house beside our humble abode is a rental house which has, in the past, been home to several nice families. Okay, except the one with the yay-hoo children who destroyed our swingset, but other than that it's been all good. I think we may have hit a bump in that illustrious road of neighbors.

Having used the term neighbors several times now, let me clarify something. I'm not real sure who they are.  I've seen a toddler on occasion, two young males, a young female, and an older female.  There is no pattern to them.  Just random people-ness. I think one of the young men belongs there.  Better Half spoke to him when we told him their ankle-biter dogs had to be on a leash when outside. Young Man said they hadn't lived "in the city" before (um, small town, but whatev), but he'd take care of it.  Minus a few Houdini moves, they've pretty much been up since then.  Thank ya kindly, mystery neighbor man.

The past few days, however, have piqued my seriously honed, mad detective skillz.  The perps (my girl Lynn loves po-po speak) have been sitting in either a car or a truck at random times for the past two or three days.  Just. Sitting.  They're not listening to some gangsta rap that's inappropriate for the toddler (she's still randomly seen running through their 2 foot tall grass.) or even running the engine listening for some knock in the engine.  I swear, they just sit there.

I've been doing surveillance from my kitchen since yesterday.  Although I have yet to see the incriminating blue haze wafting from the vehicle a la Cheech & Chong, I certain there are some shady activities. Really, the weather's nice and all, but who sits in their car IN SILENCE for that long? No music. Furthermore, I don't even think they're talking. Just. Sitting.

So, okay, maybe they're not running AK-47's to third-world countries...but they're still weird.

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