June 7, 2011

No, It's Not Fair!

Life is not fair.  That simple.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, either.  I remember clearly the first time it truly hit home for me.  Sixth grade year, Wendy (Alison, now) Beckner wore a pink buttondown shirt with a red sweater...and she rocked it.  If that had been me, the laughter would still be ringing in my ears.  Plus, she had great hair, and ~ the kicker ~ she was nice.  Like, really nice.  And she could pull off pink and red.  My intro into Unfair Life.

Yesterday was one of those days where I wanted to slash tires, kick small animals, and cuss loudly.  Life was unfair to me.  Grossly unfair.  Other people's decisions were impacting my life.  Given my love affair with control over all parts of my life, this is not my idea of fun.  At all.  I went to bed grumpy and hating the world.

Today, though, life wasn't too unfair.  Matter of fact, it was pretty darn good.  I got to get my sparkly tennis shoes smudged up...I got a lot of the house packed up...my tribe didn't kill one another...all in all, a good day.

Better Half's response to our kids when they say something isn't fair is, "Life's not fair!"  That's true, but only on some days.  Others the sun shines down on me and I'm queen of the world.  It's those days that help me get through the others, the ones I want to spit on.

There will always be those unfair moments.   Someone will always walk right out of college into a powerful position he doesn't deserve.  People will cheat on their spouses and then judge you for what you wear.  Children are born with disabilities.  Good people die for no damn good reason.  Life is unfair.  But what if it wasn't?  What if life was always fair?  We always get what we want; No one suffers; Everyone is eternally sunshine and rainbows; What then?

I say it would bite.  For all those crappy, horrible, and painful unfair things that happen, there is a good thing that makes me feel blessed and grateful.  Sometimes it takes a little reminding that life is not a bowl of cherries.  When you do hit a sweet spot in life, you appreciate it even more.

I'm still bitter about yesterday because I TOTALLY deserve this, but I get it.  It's not my time, yet.  BUT! It will be.  One day.  So don't sweat the girl who makes everything look good, the promotion that didn't come you're way, or the trustafarian who travels the world while you slave away...It's unfair, but it's okay.  The sun shines on all of us every now and again.

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  1. *standing ovation* Perfection, My Sweet. I find that I waste an awful lot of time whining and my stubborn-ness dictates I do nothing to change that. Thank you for putting things in perspective with your beautiful writing! (By the by, good luck and godspeed with the moving adventures that lay ahead - the end result will undoubtedly make all the hard work well worth it!)