January 16, 2012

Still A Dream

I love old people.  I love that they pretty much say whatever is on their minds.  I love that they sometimes dress like it was the middle of the night and they didn't turn the light on.  I love that they tell random kids what to do.  I love the stories they tell.  I love the gentleman on the treadmill in front of me who picks the underwear out of his crack without a care that I'm behind him.  They are a glorious part of our social fabric, and we don't celebrate them enough.

Sometimes, though, their words are an ugly reminder that we have miles to travel as a country.

Overheard:  "I guess they'll be marchin' today."  "That young man over there is who should be marching." (Referring to young man with military tattoos.) "Yeah, guess there won't be any mail today."  "Or banks open."  "Hmph."

Sometimes old people aren't so awesome.

I look to a day when people will not be judged by their color of their skin but by the content of their character. — MLK

If you change sides of the street when you see members of another race, we are not there.  If you cringe when you learn of the success of another race, we are not there.  If you donate money to help poor children of another race, but do not invite them to your home, we are not there. If you would not allow your child to date/love/marry someone of another race, we are not there.

This isn't just a day the banks are closed and schools are out; It's a day we should all reflect on how we live our own lives.  That means looking deep in our souls and seeing ourselves for what we truly are...not what our charitable donations portray us to be.  What are you prejudices?  Do you hide behind these with soothing words?  Are your donations meant to make you feel better about yourself or to truly help?  

In church, I hear these words, "And let all of God's children say, Amen."  That doesn't mean just his white ones, or black ones, or brown ones, or any one particular group...It means ALL OF GOD's CHILDREN.  We are all born; We all have joys; We all suffer; We all die.  We are all God's children, and to judge one another based upon the color of our skin is, simply, wrong.  Judge actions. Judge deeds.  Judge words.  Judge character.  

There was a day in my life that changed me and shaped who I've become...(read it here: http://breathechick.blogspot.com/2011/03/what-doesnt-kill-youonly-gives-you.html)  That boy who came back?  He was the boy I shouldn't have been talking to, according to some people, because he wasn't "my color" but those other two boys were.  Judge actions. Judge words.  Judge character.

The dream is still there...it would be a shame to let it be snuffed out before its light could penetrate every single dark corner of our world.  And let all of God's children say, Amen.

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