February 24, 2012

Eden's Meme...I'm Sorry (Not Really)

I'm about to embark upon my annual Girls' Weekend...a weekend of laughter, good food, better company...a massage...sleeping in...no schedules to keep.  A much needed break is about to commence.


But, Eden has put out her meme, and, because I look forward to it, I must do this before I'm allowed to go be irresponsible.

Sorry.  Remember that song, "Sorry seems to be the hardest word."  But it's not. We say it, and it's usually empty.  We're not really sorry:  We're sorry we got caught or we're sorry everyone's uncomfortable so I'm gonna say this so everyone can start being comfortable again.  Most of the time, when we're truly sorry, it's buried deep inside and we rake ourselves over the coals about it but don't let it out.  

I've been thinking about this all day...what am I sorry about?

I'm sorry I made a crack to one of my dearest friends when she got engaged.  It was intended to be funny, but it was shitty timing.  I've beaten myself up over that for over 10+ years.

I'm sorry for making a smart-ass comment about a girl I knew from school.  I didn't know how awful her life was, but that doesn't excuse it.

I'm sorry I didn't make one last call to tell you I loved you.  But you knew.

I'm sorry I couldn't make you not be an addict.

I'm sorry I yell at my kids because they deserve better than I can give them sometimes.

I'm sorry I am not the person you married, but I'd like to think I'm better.

Now, let's balance this thing out...it's fair, right?

Here's what I'm not sorry for...I'm not sorry I married you because I have two of my three amazing children because of it; I'm not sorry for leaving because it had to be done; I'm not sorry for having ink on my skin because it's who I am; I'm not sorry for my potty mouth because my grandfather passed it to me; I'm not sorry for loving anyone because it made me who I am; I'm not sorry for being the loudest person in the room; and I'm not sorry for the way you feel about me.  

I'm truly sorry if you don't have the chance to know me...the real me.  

Hope everyone's weekend is filled with no apologies...

Smiles ~ Breathe Chick


  1. Absolutely perfect! Now go enjoy your weekend with reasonably reckless abandon :)! You deserve it, Girl!

  2. Enjoy your irresponsible weekend! With no apologies!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Buffalo chicken bites, here I come!! Welcome, MsMidge!

  4. Ahhhh, yes! so often, 'sorry' means 'whatever. Go away now'
    The REALLY sorry stuff, it stays inside and keeps hurting.

    Enjoy your weekend! x

  5. Balance! My Libran soul adores that you added balance.

  6. I love your attitude! Gosh, I think we all carry things around that we are truly sorry for. And it's so good to figure out which ones we're not sorry for. You sorted out with such wisdom and expressed it so well. x

  7. Great post! Love that you've taken on both sides of the coin :)

  8. Breathe Chick I love this so very much. It made my spine tingle, at the end ... when you got all strong and shit. I hope you're having the most FABULOUS weekend.

    Love to you, sister.

  9. Wonderful post! Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses