February 28, 2012

Why This Matters And I'm Not Just Re-Living My Teenage Years

This is not me or my prom date...
these people are total strangers,
but GOD love those clothes!!
I have to say, I have told people about my prom and I've gotten some strange looks.  Some are kinda like I'm silly, but others give me that long sideways look like I'm a few bricks shy of a load.  So, to clarify this, let me explain why this matters and I'm not just being a cheese ball (although that is a WIN for me!)

I have a wonderful friend who knows people.  Not in the "I'll put you in the river and no one will find you" kinda way, but people talk to her about things that are going on in our community.  The two of us are always talking about our purpose in this universe, and often tidbits of what is shared with her enter our discussion.   Here is one of the things that recently came to light.

There are girls in our schools who are regularly missing several days to a week of school.  When people started looking at the trend patterns (cause that's what educators do), they realized it was often about the same time every month.  Guess what else happens about the same time every month?  Yep.  Girls were missing school because Aunt Flo put the smackdown on them.  When a few gentle questions were asked, the people learned it wasn't due to pain, but because they didn't have the *ahem* products they needed.  

Imagine being in school and having to miss class not because you are lazy and want to stay at home watching Jerry Springer (is that even on? That's what I watched when I laid out of school...), it's because they really don't have the hygiene products they need.  When some of the male students were talked to about body odor, people learned they didn't have toilet paper to use.  They would use a newspaper or magazine, if that.  Think about that for a minute...Not a good feeling, huh? Now, how can you afford a prom dress if you can't buy tampons?  

I know some of these dresses will go to girls who have families playing the system.  Some of them choose to spend money on things other than their children.  I know all this, and I'm still gonna send some beautiful dresses out into the universe.  Why?  Because someone will feel pretty.  Because someone might get the chance to go to a prom when they otherwise wouldn't.  Because maybe putting on this dress will make them know there is more out than there struggling and hand-outs.  Because, maybe, just maybe, it'll make a difference.

My idea was cheesy and selfish.  I'm not donating to a life-threatening illness or in someone's memory.  I'm not walking 6,000 miles in an hour to raise money.  But this means something...to me, but also to all those girls who get a dress.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you for making my little idea a huge success...because I know it will be.


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  2. Honey, I think it's an absolutely amazing idea! What shines through is that you act - you don't throw up your arms when something like that isn't already in place - the most brilliantly successful causes begin with so much as a thought - then word of mouth helps them blossom into something tangible and extraordinary.

    1. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it...maybe more than the real one 20 years ago! :)