April 30, 2012

The Moment It Happened...Adulthood

There comes a time when you realize there has been a slight shift in the Universe.  It is subtle, but you know it has happened.  You reach a point and it just happens...silently, without obvious intent.

Over at the Suburban Jungle, Jenny from the Blog posted a list of sorts about turning 40.  Sadly (or not, I'm not sure, yet) it is about time for me to start observing lists of these sorts...or at least obsessing about 40.  I realized after reading through her list that I was pretty good with the things I needed to do before turning 40, which kinda sucks because I'm not really ready for that milestone.  I'm good with 37...I was better with 34, but no one asked me.

It dawned on me recently I had reached a critical point in my life.  I had tape...like several rolls of tape.  I had scotch tape, duct tape, packaging tape, and magic tape.  Whatever the cause, I got ya.  I look for things to tape just because I can.

Growing up, my mom had a hall closet that was full of thread for cross-stitching and there was always scissors and rolls of tape there.  When I needed either of these, I knew exactly where to go.  It was always stocked, no matter how much I had pilfered the previous trip.  

When I moved out on my own, I was fairly proud that I had the essentials.  I owned a couple of pots and pans my parents had passed down (or I stole on a visit home.)  I got towels and silverware from Target.  My grandparents bought me a vacuum cleaner which my roommate and I ruined shortly thereafter. I was doing pretty well for a 19 year-old idiot.  But...I didn't ever have friggin' tape.

The other day, though, I needed scissors and tape for something, and I went to "my" drawer in the kitchen. I pulled out the needed items.  That's when it hit me:  I have come to the age where I have those "things" I never thought of needing before.  I have tape.  I have a drawer to keep it in.  I have dental floss.  I have travel-size shampoo bottles.  All things point to me being an adult against my better wishes.

So, when did you know?  Are you there yet?  What was it that made you realize, "Holy crap, Batman, I'm a real adult?!"

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