March 4, 2012

Know What My Favorite Crossword Clue Is? A Hodgepodge.

Now, want to know the answer?  Olio.  I always thought I was intelligent because I knew that word. In truth, I only remembered it because it was so close to Oreo, which happens to be the best cookie the Cookie Goddess ever invented ~ even better than Girl Scout cookies.

This post is an olio of stuff...that's what I'm getting at.

1.  I wonder what Mike Holmes would do if he came to a house that was perfect and up to code?

2.  My now favorite lyric is "I don't have a choice, but I still choose you" by The Civil Wars ("Poison and Wine")

3. My other now favorite lyric is "She's absinthe on my lips/The splinter in my fingertips" by The Civil Wars ("Birds of a Feather")

4.  Every time I pass a police officer and I'm speeding, I automatically grab the ever-present water bottle in my console like that's going to make the extra 15 miles an hour go away.

5.  I made the best damn alfredo sauce ever today.  Here's the recipe.  Quarter 2 red peppers, brush with olive oil, and roast in a 425 degree oven until charred.  Chop or puree in a food processor after cooling.  Next, melt 1/2 stick unsalted butter in a pan, then add 2 cups heavy cream and simmer 5 minutes.  Add 1/2 teaspoon (or more if you want to kill Edward and his vampire buddies) and the peppers.  Last, add 1 1/2 cups shredded parmesan cheese and stir.  Pour over pasta or just eat with a spoon.  Either way works.

This isn't mine, but it looked similar!
My plates aren't that damn fancy...


6.  I think I might have found the fountain of youth. Nivea Cellulite-Smoothing Gel-Cream.  No, really, I've used it twice and I think I've knocked about 5 years off my thighs. Fo' shizzle.  I'm not getting paid for this, but I'm totally available, Nivea.  'Cause this stuff ROCKS!

7.  My prom is next Saturday, and I'm getting my first spray tan.  My goal is to NOT look like the Lorax. We'll see how this works out...

8.  I think I'm obsessed with The Civil Wars. (See #2 and #3)
Aren't they just cute?  Love them!
9.  My oldest is going to middle school next year, and I'm really, really sad.

10.  My Better Half is cool.  We totally had a date night last night:  A college basketball game and dinner.  I love that he doesn't think I'm a geek because I love (no, like, LOVE) sports, but I don't get any of the calls. Most of the time, my ADD kicks in when something important happens.  Like an obvious foul even I would get, but I'm distracted by the bright lights and announcers.  I'm probably the worst sport date ever, but he doesn't complain. Bless his heart.

So, that's that.  The randomness that is me.  Hope everyone's week is full of sunshine and unicorns and butterflies and general happiness!


  1. Your not a geek and I love the fact that your into sports! Your a total hottie! :) Love Always,
    Your better Half..

    1. You're biased, though, because I feed you and keep you in clean underwear...most of the time! :)