March 21, 2011

HELP! I Need Somebody To Sue!!

I've thoroughly decided I am not truly meant for work.  After my first day of Spring Break, I like this staying at home business.  Not to say I would be in bed eating Ben & Jerry's all day; I'd clean up a bit. At least I'd have more time for it than I do now, so I can promise it, anyway.  I'd probably get a little crazy after a few weeks, but I could always blog and facebook my time away, right?

In the interest of "research" of the world of blogs, I was reading one last night and the author mentioned how McDonald's was selling happiness in a box without regard to health.  I'm not a dietician and I'm not skinny, so maybe I'm not the right person to be commenting on this, but does it take a mastermind to know McDonald's and other fast-food restaurants are NOT exactly the way to feed your kids?  Or yourself, for that matter?

My kids love McDonald's and would eat three or even five meals a day there.  My 2 year-old giggles and points when we go by the Golden Arches.  Does that mean I whip the MomWagon in there?  Uh, no.  Why? Cause I'm the adult! I'm the one who has the bucks (or at least the plastic) in my pocket. I'm firmly in control of the car.  There is no Fast & Furious drifting going on that pulls me into the joint without my control.  If we go to get fast-food, it's because I DROVE US THERE! 

Toys are part of the marketing of fast-food restaurants.  So are the advertisements on television.  When my parents were kids, many of the television shows were sponsored by foods made for kids.  Kellogg's sponsored cartoons so that their ads could be "placed" better in between segments.  Did my grandparents sue them because my dad became obese from eating sugary cereals?  Hell no, because he didn't become obese. She didn't feed him full of crap and she made him go run around and play all day.  See the difference?

There is a place for appropriate lawsuits.  Large companies knowingly poison your drinking water?  Fair game.  What I find ridiculous is suing over what YOU KNOW WILL HURT YOU!  If I jump headfirst into the baby pool, guess what? I'm probably gonna get hurt.  If I eat three meals a day from a fast-food joint, I'm probably gonna get fat(ter).  Is that their fault?  Nope.  And if someone's too stupid to figure it out, then maybe they need to be culled from the gene pool anyway.

p.s.  If you haven't rocked out to George Michael's "Faith" in a decade or so, go pull it out and listen to it.  I'd forgotten how cool it was.  Don't laugh, you know you own it.

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