March 13, 2011

Why The Internet Makes Me Feel Small

When the husband and I started dating, I thought he was a real weirdo because, among other things, he kept talking about his online friends.  At first I thought they might just be some imaginary friends, but in time I found out they were indeed real. It was just a super strange concept to me that these people had never met in reality but knew each other so well.

My friends are basically the same fools I've known since I was a babe.  I remember my mom telling me we'd split up and go our separate ways, but we've pretty much stuck together, albeit rather loosely at times.  I always assumed people you meet on the internet were those people you don't take candy from and you sure as hell don't share details with them. I don't know their parents, where they lived, who was their 5th grade boyfriend, and who they went to prom with.  How can you be friends without that important information, I beg?

The internet just seems so, well, big.  Like big in that "Holy SHIT! I'm lost!!" kinda way.  Lately I've been stepping outside of my imaginary internet box and reading blogs to see what else is out there.  I've found sooo much that makes me smile. Of course, I've also found these amazing home blogs that make me hate my house and want to move, but that's another story.  Sometimes, though, I feel like I need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find my way back home.  You end up on some page selling color-coordinated bread ties and go whuuuttt?  How did I get here?

I get why my better half is so tight with his online guy friends:  They have things in common, and it's stuff I don't wanna do so it's a win-win.  It's the same reason he has no problem with my "meetings" that are really girls' night.  What I'm starting to get is that there are other people out there who share my slant on life or have a snarky sense of humor.  In a way that's what makes it so strange.  There's this huge, colossal, gigantor world of connectivity out there, and I'm this little, tiny speck within it.  Yet, somehow, you find other people you connect and can be friends with despite not knowing who they lost their virginity to. Amazing, I tell ya, amazing. 

P.S.  The husband turned out to be the normal one, and I realized I'm the weirdo in our relationship.  Also, I'd love for you to leave any comments you'd like and to follow my blog.  It would make me feel less small.  :)

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  1. Love it, It made me smile and don't worry my hubby is the normal one, I find the world is more interesting with us weirdo's in it. Keep this up.